Samsung Galaxy S6: Stock Android Might Be Failure, Here’s Why

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There are many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 who don’t care about what OS their handset is running on. Others don’t keep checking to find the latest version as soon as possible. But there are some people who do like to have the latest version of Android when it arrives.

Some do talk about their Samsung Galaxy S6 and the version of Android that is running on it. Many have been waiting for the arrival of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop as the LG G4 owners have Doze and Google Now on Tap on their handset.

Samsung have the Good Lock app and they have given up on the Google Play Edition handset with almost stock Android on it. Some owners were frustrated about Samsung not offering up pure Android and it is a bit weird that they don’t as fans seem to love it.

There have been plenty of stories going around about Android Marshmallow as it did take what seemed to be forever to reach the Samsung Galaxy S6. But the people who complain about it don’t seem to represent enough user base to ensure that Samsung will offer up pure Android, so they won’t be able to make a profit.

The Google Play Editions were out a couple of years ago but they died off because it seems that there weren’t enough people purchasing them. With pure Android, many owners have had to forgo support and of course this wasn’t something that turned out good for Sony.

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