Samsung Galaxy S6: Small But Packs A Punch

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Well, the smaller battery on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is not that big of a deal after all.

Fans were not happy when Samsung announce that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming in with a smaller battery pack compared to the previous model. Since the battery live of the S5 was barely enough, they were hoping that Samsung would work to extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

GSM Arena compared the battery life of some of the top smartphones in the market and came out with the conclusion that while the battery is smaller, it is not worst than before.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 manage to get about 19.48 hours of 3G talk time, 10.56hours of web browsing and 12.12 hours of video playback. However, some users have come out to say that while the numbers look impressive in the beginning, the battery will start deteriorating at a very fast rate and it won’t be long before the users will be stuck with a device that will not even last half a day.

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