Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7 Have Been Lost For Words

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It’s not very often that Samsung has been lost for words but it appears that when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 this is exactly what has happened.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 both have the Samsung keyboard application and it has had some issues when using the app in the stock email. The issues came around just recently and so we don’t know whether it is due to an update with the operating system that Samsung offered or whether it is the app itself that is the issue.

We have also heard that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge has been having issues with typing over the past couple of days and these have increased. The issue is said to affect only the stock version of the email app, so people using Gmail or any other email app shouldn’t see the issues arise.

The typing issues have been described by some owners and we tried to get the same thing to happen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 device. Some people have said that it is only with the Samsung keyboard and if you use the Google Keyboard or Swiftkey you shouldn’t have any issues.

If this is so then the issue must be with the Samsung keyboard app and it hasn’t got anything to do with the stock email app. Let’s hope that Samsung gets onto it and fixes the issue before it affects more people.

But have you had any issues with the keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S6?