Samsung Galaxy S6: Pure Android Was A Failure

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Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 don’t care one way or the other about the Android version they have on their device. However there are some who like to ensure they do have the latest version, while others don’t even know what OS is running on their device.

Then there are the fanatics who own the Samsung Galaxy S6 and who are always checking to see if the latest Android version is available for them. Many waited for Android Lollipop 5.1.1 for what seemed to be forever, while the LG G4 owners bragged about how good the new OS was.

Samsung has come up with the Good Lock app and they have given up on Google and the Google Play Editions. The GPE used to offer close to pure Android on Samsung handsets and there are some who are frustrated that they cannot get these handsets anymore.

Android Marshmallow was a long time in reaching the Samsung Galaxy S6 but Samsung doesn’t think that there are enough people out there wanting pure Android, so offering the GPE variations are not going to be profitable.

The Google Play Edition hasn’t been with us for a while now and according to Samsung not that many people bought them for pure Android. Of course Sony found out the hard way that if you go with pure Android you do have to give up on support and this didn’t go down too well for them.

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