Samsung Galaxy S6 Owners With Verizon Ahead

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Owners of Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets with Verizon once had the upper hand of people who were with T-Mobile and AT&T as they have been given the Marshmallow update.

There are owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge who bought the device with T-Mobile and they have been very disappointed as while they didn’t expect to get it first, they haven’t yet received it.

Some have said that the Samsung Galaxy S6 lags and is slower than people thought it might be. When this handset did get the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update the handset was faster.

So for the time being it is looking as though the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is ahead.


  1. newbpwnr

    April 21, 2016 at 7:22 am

    locked bootloaders dont make anyone ahead

  2. Prvter

    April 21, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    If you have I-heart on your 6S, it will restart whenever you get a message from I-heart. Then you will have to re-enter your password, as the phone now requires it before allowing access. This really really stinks

  3. Maegi Mc

    April 21, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    I’ve a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with Verizon. I don’t know why they would say the S6 Edge or Edge Plus with Verizon was slower before Marshmallow because that has not been my experience. Marshmallow looks a bit different but other than that I haven’t noticed much else other than programs do load a little faster but when programs loaded in 10 seconds what is the big deal if they now load in 7 seconds. My thinking is people with T-Mobile are suffering because they have T-Mobile, not because they don’t have Marshmallow. My son moved out on his own and took a T-Mobile subscription because he thought it would be cheaper than paying to stay on our family Verizon play. Didn’t take long till he noticed T-Mobile was sluggish, dropped-out of 4G way too often (can’t remember the last time that happened with Verizon) & basically just didn’t meet the standards of service we have been used to from Verizon for the last 10+ years. What doesn’t seem right is that folks with the Note 3 won’t be getting Marshmallow at all. I gave my other son my Note 3 when I upgraded to the S6 Edge Plus and he is disappointed he isn’t going to get Marshmallow. I wish I could just give him mine. It really isn’t all they are making it out to be. It also puts more strain on my battery. I have noticed my batter life suffers since I’ve gotten Marshmallow. I’m not very techno, these are just personal observations.
    God Bless All,