Samsung Galaxy S6 Owners Get Duped By Samsung

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 could have been an even better handset if Samsung had given the device a battery that was removable. Then when the handset overheated they could have simply popped in a spare battery.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was sealed in and this was a disappointment to many fans of Samsung handsets. But why did Samsung choose to take this direction with theS6?

It seems that they did so due to design of the handset. Samsung was intent on creating a thinner and sleeker handset and they thought the best way to do this was to make the battery sealed.

Of course there were other ways that Samsung could have ensured the device was sleeker. The Samsung Galaxy S7 came with a battery that could not be replaced and this came in at 7.9mm thick. This happens to be thicker than the LG G5 at 7.7mm and this handset has a battery that can be removed. So it seems that perhaps Samsung duped owners into thinking that in order to have a thin handset they couldn’t have a removable battery.

So it does look as though Samsung robbed owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6 of a removable battery and the chance to extend the battery life of their handset, perhaps so they would buy a new one.