Samsung Galaxy S6 Needs Nougat More Then Galaxy S7

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A lot of Samsung Galaxy S7 users were furious when the Samsung Galaxy S6 got the Nougat update before them. While most people think that it is harder for Samsung to integrated the new OS into the Galaxy S7, others think that Samsung did that because the Samsung Galaxy S6 need the upgrade more than the Galaxy S7.

It is quite uncommon to see an older device getting the newer update before the latest flagship but that was what happened to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

To be fair, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was riddled with all sorts of issues like battery life issue and they need the Nougat update to make things right for them It is believed tat the new resolution switch on the Nougat OS will allow users to reduce the resolution of the device and therefore help them save more.

That along with all the other new features should help improve the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 significantly.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S7, there is still no word on when the update will be arriving for them. There was indication that the Nougat for S7 will be arriving soon but Samsung has not given their users an actual date yet.

While the upgrade will not have a huge impact on the performance of the S7, the users could definitely benefit from some of the new features and upgrades.

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