Samsung Galaxy S6: Losing Out To Galaxy A5?

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is losing out to the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin and Bell as they are getting rid of the older handset to make way for the new. The S6 came out in 2015 and this means the two year mark is almost here and Android updates stop.

Virgin and Bell are ditching the Samsung Galaxy S6 early though, at least in Canada. It has said that the handset has reached the end-of-life stage and it is going to be discontinued to allow the Samsung Galaxy S5 2017 version to come in to play with a price tag of $499.99 CAD.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a price tag of $729.99 off contract and with Virgin Mobile you could get it for $24.99 with a two year contract. With the price tag being noticeable it looks as though the older S6 might not be missed all that much.

But are you sad to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 discontinued?

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