Samsung Galaxy S6 Kneels Before S7 A Little Too Soon?

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Over in the US there have been price cuts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and this signifies that vendors want to get rid of their stock of the handset to make way for the Samsung Galaxy S7 arrives.

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming our way at the Mobile World Congress 2016 as they officially confirmed it. We are also expecting the handset to be larger than the one that came before it and it may possibly be on sale shortly after it is unveiled.

If you want to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a bargain price you might want to check Amazon as they are offering the 32GB version for just $450. Of course if you want one of the more unusual colours you will have to hand over an extra $20 for it. The Black Sapphire colour is on for $451 and you can get it with AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you want the White version or the Gold Samsung Galaxy S6 you can pick them up for $460 and $457. The highest price tag in the sale is $470 for the Blue Topaz version. You can get the OEM unlocked 32GB version for $600 and over at Best Buy you can get it for $530.

Of course the drop in price doesn’t come as any great surprise as the Samsung Galaxy S6 is now almost one year old and vendors will want to make way for the newer handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 does have looks that are very similar to the S6, however the camera on the back doesn’t protrude and it looks elegant. The handset is made of magnesium alloy with the aluminium casing remaining.

We have heard that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will support microSD card and there has been speculation that there will be screen sizes similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge with the upcoming iPhones. At the moment we don’t have a price for the S7.