Samsung Galaxy S6 Gives Clues Why Pure Android Was A Failure

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There are some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 who don’t know what version of Android is running on their handset. Others like to know what they have but are not all that bothered about upgrading and some have to have the latest version as soon as it becomes available.

Many people have said that it took Android 5.1.1 Lollipop a long time to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and some people were not happy that owners of the LG G4 had the OS and Google Now On Tap along with Doze.

Samsung handsets used to be offered with almost pure Android by way of Google Play Edition devices but now Samsung offers the Good Lock app instead. Some users have been frustrated that they no longer get pure Android as usually updates come faster with it.

But it seems that there are not enough people complaining about lack of pure Android to warrant the Google Play Edition and so Samsung would not profit from it.

The Google Play Edition came to an end around two years ago due to the fact that people were not purchasing it. There is a downside to pure Android though and this is general lack of support, which Sony learned the hard way.

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