Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets More From Android Nougat Than S7

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Samsung have given the Samsung Galaxy S6 a refresh as they have been rolling out updates for the handset. They have been sending updates out to try and fix the issues with the device and it will then be able to enjoy all that Nougat brings with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is in bad need of an update and owners desperately want to get Android Nougat. When the update does arrive for the device it is going to help owners fix some of the issues.

Owners have said that one of the biggest issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6 is battery life. It is thought that when Android Nougat arrives on the S6 it will help solve the battery issues. This is down to the fact that Android Nougat comes with a resolution switch.

The resolution switch is going to help the Samsung Galaxy S6 gain better battery life as the resolution can be displayed. It also means that the S6 is going to get more out of Android Nougat than the S7 as the S7 has better specs and deals with power consumption better.

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