Samsung Galaxy S6 Finally Joins In Marshmallow Party; But It’s Half-Cooked

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…they didn’t get the disclaimer at the beginning of the party.

It’s been a long time coming for disgruntled and dissatisfied Samsung Galaxy S6 users since they’ve waited for forever to get their hands on the Marshmallow update on their devices. Now that it’s been officially rolled out as of immediately, S6 users shouldn’t be too happy just yet.

Sure, you’re going to get tons of new features and whatnot, but did you also know that unless you get yourself a new phone, you would only be seeing the features that comes with the version of your current phone? So as contrasting as this gets, it just means that not every S6 user would be able to enjoy a fully-cooked Marshmallow update.

Now that’s a bummer. But putting these sorrowful things aside, Samsung has also announced that they would be rolling out the Marshmallow update to other Samsung devices gradually as time goes by. That’s good and bad news altogether, and guess we’ll just have to go with whatever that’s been given to us. Life’s that unfair, huh?

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