Samsung Galaxy S6 Enjoys Taste Of Nougat More Than S7

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Thanks to Samsung offering up updates for the Samsung Galaxy S6 the handset has been enjoying a refresh. Owners need updates as the device does suffer from issues that need resolving and they can then enjoy Nougat.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting on and owners really want Nougat to arrive for it. When it does it could fix many of the issues that have been ongoing with the device and of course one of these is the battery life.

Android Nougat would help the Samsung Galaxy S6 with the battery life thanks to the resolution switch. Owners would therefore get a lot more from the update than owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will.

The specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are better and this means that they wouldn’t get as much out of the resolution switch as the S6 would. Do you still own the S6 and are you looking ahead to the Android Nougat update?