Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Can It Do Better This Time?

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was a handset that came with a $700 plus price tag when it was launched and many people thought this too high. Along with this the device was said by many to have failed due to it not having water resistance, no support for SD card and it tended to overheat. But with it now being offered for $349, unlocked, is it worth reconsidering?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does offers a display of Super Amoled that is curved and this is 5.2 inches with 2560 x 1440 resolution. It has the Exynos 7420 processor, 32GB storage and 3GB RAM.

Right now you can get the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for only $349 and the handset is unlocked. It will work around the world along with carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

The handset is available in white, black and gold and you also get the option of adding in a two or three year warranty for under $50. So is it now a better deal?

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