Samsung Galaxy S6: Easy Fix For Camera Issue [Guide]

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Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 have had issues with the camera on the device and it seems that there is an easy fix for it.

In most of the cases with the camera failed error it is due to a third party app that has been installed on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The way to get around it is to boot the handset into safe more by holding down the power key and when the Samsung logo is seen you should then let go and press the volume down key. The device is then going to start in safe mode.

Test to see if the camera works when in safe mode and this will tell you if you have a firmware of hardware issue. If you are still having issues with the camera failed error you can try doing a factory reset on the handset.

Before doing the factory reset you might want to go into settings –application manager and then swipe to all apps and go down to the camera app and then force stop it. Choose clear cache and clear data to delete the settings of the camera and then reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6.

You might also want to try uninstalling the camera app and installing the Google camera app instead or one of the many other good third party camera apps on the market.

But have you come across the camera fail issue and if so how did you fix it, if you did?

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