Samsung Galaxy S6 Doesn’t Offer Pure Android, Want To Know Why

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There are many people who bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 who are always checking to find out if they have the latest version of Android on their device. Others don’t care one way or another what version they have and some will update when they get notified there is a new OS.

People did have to wait for a long time for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to get updated to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, while the LG G4 owners were bragging about how good it was.

Samsung used to offer pure Android by way of the Google Play Editions but they haven’t been around for a couple of years. So the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t offer pure Android now.

It seems that pure Android may not be as popular as you might think as people were not purchasing the Google Play Edition handsets. Generally pure Android devices do get updated faster, but they weren’t selling enough to make Samsung a profit.

One of the issues with pure Android is lack of support of course and this did put many people off and didn’t turn out well for Sony. But would you like to see pure Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6?

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