Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Seriously Damage Your Health

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An Owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 got more from their device than they had bargained for on Christmas Eve as the device was said to have burst into flames and just missed a 6 month old child.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 in question had been left to charge on the bedside table and then the owner suddenly heard a bang. Wondering what the noise was she checked the bedroom and found the device on fire.

The owner said that she saw flames coming out of the device along with sparks that resembled a firework. The owner said that her 6 month old baby was on the bed asleep as she had just taken him out of the cot. This was lucky as the cot did suffer from burn marks. She was just about to take a shower and if the handset had caught fire minutes later the baby could have been seriously hurt.

She contacted Samsung and they said they would send her a replacement handset but she still hasn’t received it.

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