Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Get More Out Of Android Nougat Than Galaxy S7

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Samsung have managed to keep the Samsung Galaxy S6 up to date as they have offered updates. Of course some of the updates have been to fix issues with the device so that the handset is ready to get the update to Nougat.

One of the worst things about the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that the handset offers poor battery life. When the handset does get the update to Android Nougat owners think that that it will help to improve the battery life by way of the resolution switch.

The resolution switch will allow owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to reduce the resolution and thus help to improve the battery life of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will not need help from the resolution switch though as it comes with specs that are better and which balance out the battery better.

For now owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 do have to put up with the poor battery life of the device, but this may change when the Android Nougat update comes out for the device.