Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life May Shock You

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Samsung have continued to make the Samsung Galaxy S6 a bigger device and in the past they have boosted the size of the battery to make sure there is enough juice to power it.

Things have changed though this year and the Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived on the market with a display that was bigger but the battery had been made smaller. The device is in competition with the likes of the Sony Xperia Z, the iPhone 6S and LG G4 and of course its own brother, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy S6 compare to the competition with it having a battery size that is smaller? It seems that in fact it does manage quite well when tested at GSM Arena. They took the device and they made it go through some tests. Including testing video, 3G and talk time.

The 3G talk time is around 20 hours, while browsing the web was 11 hours and video playback came in at around 12 hours. This means that it can take on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but it doesn’t beat the iPhone 6S. When you put it up against handsets such as the LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4 it can beat them.

This means that you should be able to last a full day with your Samsung Galaxy S6 and not have to go looking for a charger to plug it in.