Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life: Looks Can Be Deceiving

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Smartphones are seen to be getting larger by the day, with 4K displays, bendable ability and whatnot. And even so, larger phones packs larger batteries, therefore, naturally it would be able to provide the extra juice that’s needed to power up that display, right?

That’s not always the case. Though the Samsung Galaxy S6 may be seamless in design, and tests have also shown that the phone can go through 20 hours of 3G talk-time, 11 hours of web-browsing and 12 hours of video playback, it’s still no contender to the iPhone 6S. Sure, it matches the Galaxy S6 Edge with those figures, and that it’s also ahead of other Androids like the Sony Xperia Z4 and LG G4, but it’s still not good enough when compared to its Apple counterpart.

Anyhow, it’s still pretty acceptable for you to get the phone through the day, provided you use everything with limitations. Otherwise, it’s time to consider switching to other platforms since mediocre battery life isn’t going to go far.

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