Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life Improves With Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook Removed

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There have been a lot of people complaining about the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and some people have said that social media apps are to blame. So if you take away Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, does the battery life of the device improve?

It seems that the answer is yes as someone on Reddit recently decided to test out the theory and so uninstalled their Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram apps and used the web versions of the said apps instead. They said that the battery life on their Samsung Galaxy S6 had improved as they got 12.7% better screen time than they had with the apps installed.

The user said that they deleted the social media apps from their Samsung Galaxy S6 and continued using the phone as they normally would for a few days. They went through their normal routine of getting up and going to school and then going to work at about 4.30pm and finally going to bed around 1am.

The users also said that they thought the device worked better without the social media apps hindering it and they noticed that Snapchat had been hindering the launch of the camera app sometimes.

Bear in mind though that the 12.7% increase was the increase in screen time and not the battery time. Have you tested removing the social media apps on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and have you noticed that the battery life has been improved?

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