Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Is Good But…

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The battery pack on the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been a hot debate topic. While most smartphone manufacturers are working to offer their phones with larger batteries or are looking for ways to make the battery last longer, Samsung came in with their Galaxy S6 that now comes with a smaller battery pack compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Well, GSM Arena tested out some of the top phones in the market and came out with a conclusion that the Galaxy S6 with its new and smaller battery actually matches the what the Samsung Galaxy S5 had to offer in terms of battery life in most areas.

However, the consumers are not convinced. Some of them said that the numbers are true when the phone is brand new but the battery will start deteriorating soon with some of the them saying that their phones lasted more than a day in the beginning but they will have to charge it a few times a day now.

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