Is This The Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Is S6 Already Underway?

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Many people have been disappointed with the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and have resigned themselves to having to wait for the release of the next flagship device before seeing big changes. This could be the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The device should coming out next year about the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed this year. Lets hope that Samsung make some changes to the look of the device.

SidhTech have come across what they say are marketing materials for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you want to know why the jump from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6, then the blog says that it is a marketing stunt by the companies ad people and it is a redesign.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Update: Of course you do have to take into account that the post was made on 1st April! It’s a prank by SidhTech people!

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