Samsung Galaxy S5: Marketing Leak Shows Images Of S4 Successor

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet to reach the hands of its fans however it may have tough competition coming its way sooner than expected.

If you think we’re talking about the HTC One or the rumored iPhone 6 and Motorola X then think again. We’re referring to the Samsung Galaxy S5. So why are we discussing a smartphone that should be over a year away from the market? This is because it may be closer thank you think.

The folks over at SidhTech have stumbled upon what they say is marketing material for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Just like how the competition seems to be shortening their upgrade cycles, Samsung is now believed to be launching the Galaxy S5 less than a year from the S4.

At this point this is all speculation of course but it is interesting to see the leaked render which shows us a near edge-to-edge display and the listing of full eye control which could mean that the eye-tracking is going into more features on the device. Check out the supposed leaked Galaxy S5 image below.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Update: And we’ve been duped! It’s a clever April Fool’s prank by the guys over at SidhTech!

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