Samsung Galaxy S5 Marketing Materials Leaked, First Images Of Next Flagship?

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Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t in the stores yet, the device could have some tough competition heading its way and this could come quicker than expected.

When saying this, you could think we are talking about the HTC One or iPhone 6, or even the Motorola X may come to mind. However we are not talking about any of these handsets. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5. So just why would we be talking about a device that should be at least another year away from being revealed? Because the handset in question could be here a lot sooner than you would have thought.

SidhTech have found what they are saying is the Samsung Galaxy S5 marketing material. It is thought that Samsung may be about to reduce the lifespan of the Samsung Galaxy S4 before the device has even hit the shelves and that the S5 will come out in less than a year.

The photo that was shown showed us a device with an edge to edge display and said that it would come with full sense control.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Update: Guess what? This was all just another April fool hoax by the tech blog late yesterday!

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