Yes you read the title right, you can install Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you don’t want to waste your chance to do so. Google isn’t updating the device past Android 6.0 Marshmallow but you can still get it and in fact you can do so quite easily, manually.

First you should backup your Samsung Galaxy S5 before connecting your device to your computer. Using this tool you are going to have to have a Windows PC and this has been tested using Virtualbox on Windows 10. You will need Samsung Driver for Windows PC along with Odin in Virtualbox. You need to install the driver and then upack Odin and start it.

Boot your Samsung Galaxy S5 into Odin by turning the device off and then pressing home, power and the bottom half of the volume rocker. When it comes on you will see a warning and you can confirm this by pressing the volume up button.

You can then connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the computer and go into the Log section of Odin and look for the words Added and the device should show up in the interface list.

Replace the recovery software with the TeamWin custom recovery, which is essential for the next steps.

Download the current ,tar file from the TeamWin Recovery Project for the US Samsung Galaxy S5 and in Odin click AP and then choose the .tar file and click start and this will flash the recovery.

Wait for this to complete and then restart in recovery. To do this press and hold down the home button and lower part of the volume button. Confirm the warning and then go to the mount section and check to ensure you can see the files of your Samsung Galaxy S5 on the PC.

Download the firmware from the download page of LineageOS, which should be LineageOS 14.1 and download Google Apps from

Copy the files to the Samsung Galaxy S5 then go to TWRP Recovery on Wipe and then go to Advanced Wipe. Choose Data and System partitions and delete the Android version from your phone and confirm this.

Go to the home of TWRP Recovery and choose install and choose Zip and then choose the file you downloaded. Choose add more ZIPs and then install Google Apps. You can set a check against Reboot after installation is complete.

You should now have Android Nougat installed on your Samsung Galaxy S5 when the handset reboots back up.

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