Samsung Galaxy S4 & Xbox 720 Both 8-Cores But Guess Which One’s More Believable

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As we move into 2013, the future for gaming consoles and smartphones seems to be octa-core processors. While that may have sounded crazy in the start, it has become a reality since as more details keep flooding in about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xbox 720.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Xbox 720 8-core rumors

First the Microsoft console. Gizmodo reports that rumors are now flying that the Xbox 720 will pack a n 8-core 1.6GHz chip backed by a 768-thread-packing GPU. This will give the gaming console 1.2 teraflops of processing power. Given what we have seen coming in the latest games like GTA 5, all that processing power doesn’t sound like overkill especially if it has a lifecycle of many years like the current Xbox 360.

At the same time, Samsung unveiled its Exynos 8-core processor at CES earlier this month, vanquishing all rumors that a smartphone could do with a 8-core processor. While I am not sure why the Samsung Galaxy S4 could use an octa-core chip (and neither does Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs who calls it a publicity stunt), it is currently more believable than the Xbox 720 rumors since there is no evidence of such hardware.

Imagine if the Xbox 720 doesn’t launch with an 8-core chipset but the Samsung Galaxy S4 does this year? It’s crazy right?

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