Samsung Galaxy S4: Reach For The Stars Sammy!

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It could be many months before the Samsung Galaxy S4 is revealed to the world, but the hype is continuing to grow. There hasn’t been any confirmation but thanks to leaks and rumours about specs it is thought that Samsung are pulling out all the stops for their next generation handset. The tech bloggers and consumers are now expecting something big and this has been now backed up as Samsung have apparently set sales goals for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that are said to be phenomenal.

One analyst has said that there will be an upgrade frenzy when the Samsung Galaxy S4 is released thanks to the fact that it will be so good and will attract buyers who might otherwise choose the Apple iPhone. Samsung are saying that they will sell 100 million units and this happens to be a record goal.

The company are continuing to drive their brand name to push out Apple from the top end of the smartphone market. However the two giants will dominate the smartphone market for some time, though Samsung are making their intentions quite clear. It is rumoured that they will announce the device on 22nd March at the Samsung Unpacked event in London and the device could be on the shelves in April.

Samsung are expecting to sell around 40 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2013 and another 7 or 8 models, to around another 60 million units. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be one of the devices that will follow up, when it is released in the fall. This device should sell well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did.

There have been rumours going around that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could come with a stylus pen and this led to speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note could merge into one single device. However Samsung have denied this and said that they will continue to produce the Samsung Galaxy Note series of devices.  Many people will be pleased to hear this.

The rumoured specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are that it will have the Exynos 5 Octa 1.8GHz processor, a display of 4.99 inches which would be Super AMOLED and full HD, with 440ppi. It is has also been said that the device will have 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera along with a camera of 2 megapixels, a battery of 2600mAh and the device might have Key Lime Pie. However none of this has been confirmed.

Are you surprised that Samsung have set themselves such a high goal for sales or do you think they will meet it?

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