Samsung Galaxy S4 & Its “Belly Button”

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Samsung have been taking market shares away from Apple with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S line-up of handsets. When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released the Apple iPhone’s popularity declined as was evident with the 4S looking its best-seller title.

Samsung Galaxy S4: no more physical buttons?

However the Samsung Galaxy S line-up of phones is not perfect by any means and fans of the handsets are hoping that Samsung will make some changes when they release the Samsung Galaxy S4. One in particular has to do with the physical home button which has been there since the original Galaxy S. So would you prefer virtual buttons or should Samsung keep its belly button?

Perhaps we won’t have to wait too long to find out as if Samsung stick with their cycle, the handset could be released around May of this year. However fans of Samsung are hoping that it could make an appearance next month at the MWC. The majority of owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have said that they hoped Samsung would get rid of the physical home button, they would rather be able to make the most of the features of Android 4.0 + and the software buttons. This would work superbly if the Samsung Galaxy S4 had a display that was edge to edge.

Some owners of the device like the physical buttons, they say that it provides the device with a unique feature, along with some having a dislike for the software buttons on the bottom of the handset. All in all people are tending to lean towards keeping the physical button as it comes in handy when turning the volume up or down.

Perhaps if it was down to Google then physical buttons would disappear from smartphones. They like uniformity and Jelly bean and software buttons are their answer. Rumours of wrap-around displays would be great if they proved to be true as if we are having software buttons, more real estate is needed. If the display was wrap-around there could be enough room for software buttons on the side of the device, along with a volume control button and other features. However this may be some time away and it may not be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung didn’t reveal the Samsung Galaxy S4 at CES, however there was an Easter Egg hidden and this showed us that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a display of 1080p.

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