Samsung Galaxy S4 Hype Is Enough To Downplay Rivals

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As we move further into 2013, there are two smartphones that are expected to shake up the mobile phone industry, again. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors mixed with a dash of facts

While the Samsung Galaxy series as a whole managed to attract as much hype as the iPhone 5 solely did last year, this time around it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors alone are overshadowing that of the iPhone 6.

While it is obvious that most websites are talking about the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 in equal doses, Samsung appears to have become a master in marketing as we saw with CES 2013 just a few weeks ago.

There were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have an 8-core processor and even flexible display however they were considered too “out there” to be true. Samsung proved that it was in fact possible and unveiled both technologies at CES this month by way of prototypes.

Smartphone editor Brian Klug of AnandTech also noted the increased interest in the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this round and stated so: “There’s definitely more attention this time. With each Galaxy S there’s been more.”

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 being the best-seller of 2012 and Samsung unveiling these two technologies hence officially saying that they may in fact be able to top the Samsung Galaxy S3 clearly has many fans reconsidering upgrading to anything else until Sammy unveils the new flagship.

There is one downside to this though. It could also affect the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However taking a page of Steve Jobs’ book, it is better for you to cannabilize the sales of your own product then let competitors do so.

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