Another Thing Samsung Galaxy S4 May Do Better Than iPhone 6

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One handset which had gained a lot of attention and which is not thought to be making its way out until March or April, is the Samsung Galaxy S4. There have been numerous rumours about the specs of the handset and what features it may have. This of course is typical before the launch of an anticipated device, and sometimes the rumours are true. Today there is a rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could beat the Apple iPhone 6 when it comes to W-Fi technology, which could be a feature of the upcoming Galaxy S4.

It has been said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be a huge step up from the Samsung Galaxy S3, however this is one rumour that we have not heard before, improved Wi-Fi technology. A leak has said that the next generation Galaxy handset could have support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is also called 5G Wi-Fi.

It has been revealed that the handset will have a Broadcom BCM4335 chip with intergrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi, along with Bluetooth 4 and FM radio. If this is true then we could see the Samsung Galaxy S4 released with browsing speeds that would be like those offered by a wired connection, which would be more reliable. This would mean that Samsung would have a notch in the belt for specs and is something which Apple could struggle to beat with the iPhone 5S or 6.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is thought to be coming with the 2 GHz quad core Exynos processor, it could come with a display of 4.99 inches and it would be full HD, it might have a camera of 13 megapixels along with 2GB of RAM along with wireless charging. One thing that you may be waiting to find out is what version of Android it has. It could be the first handset to have Key Lime Pie. At the moment none of this has been confirmed and we will have to wait.

You could check out the concept version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that was posted along with rumours of the device being produced and how it may affect the manufacture of the next Apple iPhone.

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