Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: The Winner’s Been Pre-decided Really

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The reputation of the manufacturer of a handset is one of the deciding factors when purchasing a top end device. Thanks to both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S series having the best names and reputations in the smartphone business right now, buyers will more than likely just upgrade inline rather than choosing a different brand. This means that when the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 6 are revealed many people will already know what they want irrespective of specs.

While we are not sure that the next devices will be called the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6, we can assume it for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6

Rumour has it that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S4 in February at the MWC. If so the handset could be released in March or April. If the device does show up at the MWC, this means we could see it in just three months time.

Fans of Apple were surprised when the company chose to release the iPad 4 within months of the iPad 3. Some are now saying that the iPhone 6 could come before September of 2013 and that in fact we could see it in June at the WWDC. This could be true as things were pretty hectic for Apple during the last half of 2012, when they released the iPad Mini, iPhone 5, MacBook Pro 13 inch and the iPad 4. If they want to gain maximum publicity then spacing out launches could work well for them.

2013 may be the year when Samsung will develop a style all of their own. They have done well and caught up with Apple in tech and innovation, something that at one point you would have thought was impossible. By beating Apple when it comes to looks would round things off very well for Samsung.

Apple have many fans, however Samsung do as well thanks to the Galaxy range of devices. Recently ProductReviews asked their Facebook fans, 22,000 of them, whether they would buy the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S4. The majority said the Galaxy S4, even though the specs of both the handsets have not been revealed. This means that they went on the reputation of Samsung alone. Apple do have a cult like following and they have never been ones to boast about specs in order to get consumers interested in their products in the first place. Samsung however differ and they like to tell consumers the numbers and figures to show how far their devices have come.

Of course one device could work out to be much better than the other on paper when they are released in 2013. However most people will not care and they will upgrade their handset based on brand and their loyalty to the chosen OS i.e. Android or iOS.

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