Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: You Know Which Is Best Already

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A lot of smartphone customers go for the manufacturer’s reputation, especially at the higher end, when it comes to choosing the flagship device of their choice. The reputations and reliability of models like the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 mean that a lot of owners decide to upgrade inline rather than migrate to other platforms or makers. So when the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 come out, there will be lots of people in line already to upgrade to it even without knowing what it will bring at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: you already know which one’s right for you

We aren’t sure that the next versions of these flagships will be called iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4, but for the sake of argument, that’s what we’ll call them here.

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S4, there are rumours of a 25 February launch date at MWC, and then a March or April release date. So it could just be 3 months away.

Apple fans were surprised when the iPad 4 was out only a few months after its predecessor, so now many are expecting the iPhone 6 to come out before September 2013 as well. In fact, it could be out in June next year, which would put it at WWDC 2012. Looking at this year with the iPhone 5, the iPad 4, the 13” MacBook pro and the iMac 2013, as well as the iPad Mini, all launching in the second half, it makes sense that Apple would want to space out its launches next year.

Next year may also be the year that Samsung finally starts rocking its own unique style after all the legal tussles it suffered because of Apple. As amazing as it might seem, another smartphone maker has caught up to Apple in terms of tech and innovation, and so with a better sense of style, the Koreans could trounce Apple in all departments.

Apple isn’t rotten just yet, as it still has rakes of fans, but then so does the Galaxy line. Recently the folks over at Product-Reviews asked 22,000 of its Facebook likers if they’d opt for the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S4, and most plumped for the S4. Obviously these people are relying on reputation to make this choice, as there’s no specs out yet. Apple has the ultimate cult following, and has never relied on specs and boring numbers to draw in the customers anyway. While Samsung has always been about top end specs and pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.

While one device might end up being better on paper, most owners will upgrade according to their current favourite platform – Android or iOS.

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