Samsung Galaxy S4 More Or Less Similar To Galaxy S3, Shortcomings Remain Intact (HTC)

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Since Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG, Apple and now HTC have been trolling it.

Even before the doors of the event opened last night, HTC gave out hot cocoa and snacks to the crowds while they showed off the HTC One to the people who were standing outside in the cold.

Then followed complimentary entertainment by HTC during the event, with Tweets that were relentless, one having the hash tag “#theNextBigFlop” to mock Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” slogan.

To wrap things up the CMO of HTC implied that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was pretty much alike to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. He said that HTC had the all-aluminium HTC One featuring “original cutting-edge technology, mouth-watering design and a premium feel,” instead. Here was his exact statement:

With a continuation of a plastic body, and a larger screen being the most obvious physical change, Samsung’s new Galaxy pales in comparison to the all-aluminum unibody HTC One.

This is more of the same. HTC remains the best option for those people looking for the best technology wrapped in premium design. Our customers want something different from the mainstream, who appear to be the target for the Galaxy.

Our customers want original cutting-edge technology, mouth-watering design and a premium feel from their mobiles, which is why we created the HTC One.

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