Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One (M7): Bad Blood

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There is a great deal going on right now in the smartphone world, there is the MWC coming up this month and the HTC One, M7, is thought to be coming our way a week earlier. The HTC device will be revealed in Europe and then just one week later the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be announced at the Unpacked event, then the JTC device should make it to the US, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Right now we don’t know much about the devices other than speculation, as the supposedly date for release is coming close you would have thought that we would have heard about the specs by now.

Of course the release date is only a rumour right now, but it has been suggested that it will be released on 22nd March in the US, while in Europe this could be a week earlier.

All that we know is the device will be available with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. However Verizon may not be far behind it. An image did leak of the handset and it looked to be something that the Apple iPhone 5 and Blackberry Z10 would produce if they were crossed.

It has been said that this was fake and we should not have much longer to wait to find out. Next week we may know all about the handset and while everyone wants to know what the specs are, the price is also important too. People are hoping that it won’t come in at the same price or even higher, than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also a big deal, however the Samsung Galaxy S3 was popular and there is no reason to assume that its processor won’t be too.

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 say that the device will be out on 15th March and it is expected to be released the following month in Europe. The US will have to wait a while longer for the handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could spoil the release of the HTC device as it is bound to be a juggernaut of a device again and the HTC Android device will have to have something superb up its sleeve if it is to contend. The specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been rumoured and if they prove to be right then HTC should be very worried.

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