Samsung Galaxy S4 To Mark Death Of Note Series?

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It is hard to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nearly approaching its 8-month anniversary since its launch early last year. As such, rumors of its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, have started to take flight.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to take on phablet dimensions & S-Pen from Note series (rumors)

According to a recent Reuters report, we could see the Samsung Galaxy S4, codenamed Project J, release sometime in April which is just under 4 months away. So what improvements can we expect over the Samsung Galaxy S3, an already stellar Android smartphone?

Given the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2, there are now rumors that Samsung may release a hybrid device. According to South Korean Media, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may boast a massive 5-inch display which throws it right into the phablet category. It will also have a 13MP rear camera and the new EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor. It will also be slightly thicker due to the 13MP camera and possibly a bigger battery.

While it may not be so bad that the Samsung Galaxy S4 jumps into the phablet category alongside the Galaxy Note 2, arguably the best phablet on the market right now, what is shocking is speculations that it will also have an S-Pen.

With a larger display and an S-Pen, I’m not sure why anyone would pick the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 over the Samsung Galaxy S4. As we’ve seen in the past, the Note series tends to have a slightly higher price tag than the S series and it also launches later in the year. So if the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its phablet specs prove true, it will no doubt take a big bite out of Note sales.



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