Samsung Galaxy S4 Right On Cue For Flexible AMOLED Screen

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Samsung are pushing back their production plans for their flexible AMOLED displays. This means that it will now be 2013 before we see this new technology appear on their top handsets. Samsung had said that they would reveal their flexible YOUM brand during Q3 of 2012, however they ran into issues with mass production schedules. The traditional AMOLED displays of Samsung in the meantime show no sign of slowing down.

Samsung Galaxy S4 likely to mark debut of flexible YOUM display

One of their best-selling devices this year is the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen in HD. The Note 2 also uses the same technology and pretty much resembles a bigger S3. Samsung have reportedly had to boost the production of their displays to meet sales demands of both these devices.

Samsung hope to increase their production of AMOLED displays by around 56,000 units per month. If they do they will make around 64,000 units each month and will earmark production lines that were to have made the flexible screens. The flexible display uses plastic as opposed to glass substrate, which will allow room for some unusual form factors.

It is thought that Samsung have been working on different designs, one of which includes the display continuing around the device’s edge. This included the addition of a status screen in the top panel of the handset, so that users could glance at it without having to take it from the pocket or handbag.

At the moment there is no indication of when Samsung will begin production in full swing of the flexible displays, nor when we could expect to see products using the technology. However given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched early in the year and was the basis for the top handsets to follow (Note 2, Galaxy Premier, S3 Mini), it won’t be surprising that the Samsung Galaxy S4 introduce the technology and have the next generation Galaxy phones follow on with it throughout 2013.

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