Samsung Galaxy S4: 2.5GHz Quad-Core, 13MP Cam With Physical Shutter, Galaxy Glass Body… Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

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Millions of owners are happy with their purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However there have been rumours going around about the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming earlier than expected and what it may offer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

While there have already been specs talked about, today we have some eye candy in the form of the first ever concept video of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This video shows what the S4 could look like when it is released, so dream on.

The video is not the best quality; however Bob Freking, the designer of the concept S4, does have some superb ideas when it comes to his vision of what the S4 could look like. For one we have a swanky scratch and shatterproof glass back. There also appears to be an element of the iPhone 5 as the design is also shown in an aluminium choice too.

The concept video shows off some superb Samsung Galaxy S4 specs, one of which is a display of 5 inches, which once again is Super AMOLED but 1080p. The device would have a 2.5GHz processor. The camera would be 13 megapixels and a rear sensor by way of a physical lens shutter.

More interestingly on the concept video is the fact that the Google Now feature and S Voice have been merged together. This means that the voice app would be able to sense what mood you are in through your facial features and then give suggestions without the user having to press a button.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 concept video does offer some superb ideas and suggestions, however the OLED display from a previous leak sounds better, as Super AMOLED is getting old.

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