Samsung Galaxy S4: Say Goodbye To AMOLED, Hello LCD?

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The technology in smartphones has evolved greatly as screen technology in new smartphone is getting more stunning with each release.

Samsung Galaxy S4 display rumors

One of the devices that are known for their superb display technology is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now it is thought that Samsung will do better when they release the Galaxy S4. But what exactly will they be using this time around?

The folks over at Product-Reviews explain that while the Super AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is great, however some say that LCD may be the future for phone displays.

The brightness of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is lower than it is on the iPhone 5 and this is thought to be due to the constraints in power of the OLED.

Many people don’t like the AMOLED displays, especially as many incorporate PenTile technology where there is the RGBG sub pixel layout as opposed to single coloured sub pixels for each actual pixel.

This is said by many to have a resolution that is lower and the screen can take on a grainy appearance. Samsung use the Super AMOLED instead of the Super AMOLED Plus screens thanks to them lasting longer. However it is due to the PenTile display that some people would like Samsung to move to the LCD display for their Galaxy S4 explain the blog.

In addition to rumors of an LCD display in the Samsung Galaxy S4, word on the street is that the S3 successor will include a new 13 megapixel camera sensor and as much as 3GB of RAM.

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