Samsung Galaxy S4: Should You Wait?

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Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 are getting stronger, with some saying it’ll be upon us next February, with a 5” screen and (thankfully) totally new styling.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill picks up wind

The S series is the most popular Galaxy line year after year, bringing the latest Samsung tech with them. The Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and S3, as well as the Note and Note 2 have wowed the world already, so the Samsung Galaxy S4 should knock a few socks off.

Droid-Life reckons that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will induct Samsung into the 1080p club. If it does turn out to be 1080p and 400ppi, it’ll compete with the HTC J Butterfly which recently became official here in the US under the name of HTC DROID DNA. The HTC J Butterfly has a 440ppi, as well as a Snapdragon S4 chip and 2GB of RAM. Samsung will really have to pull out all the stops if it wants to seriously compete or beat it given that Sammy has always been about the best screen and processor. It’s believed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t due until MWC next year, so the company does have time to try.

Another rumour is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might feature the flexible YOUM screen – if it does, then this may well trounce the 440ppi of the HTC J Butterfly as it can bend to some extreme angles. Samsung has said it’s starting production on YOUM displays next year, which may be a big hint about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The hardware and design are still mysterious, though. If Samsung does give the Galaxy S4 new screen tech, an upgraded chip, better styling and an improved camera, it’ll be well worth the wait, as the S3 camera trails behind the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920, its design leave much to be desired, and its processor has been beaten by a couple of devices in the benchmarks already. So can you wait until February 2013?

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