Samsung Galaxy S4: What We (Possibly) Know

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a very popular handset in 2012 but despite the fact that it is still selling well, there have been rumours of its follow up in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S4 being rushed for an early release.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors

So is it true that Samsung are working to bring us the Galaxy S4 next year around MWC 2013 which falls in February-March? And if so what might make it stand out from the devices that are currently on the market?

The sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have beaten those of the iPhone 4S and this is something that Samsung will want to happen with the S4 to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has already sold well, so Samsung will have to offer something very special if they want to keep their best-seller throne in 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 had a lot in common with the iPhone 4S, however when the Galaxy S3 was released it was redesign from the ground up. The folks over at TapScape suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely follow this path as well.

There have been rumours going around that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could come with a larger display, around 5-inches and it may have 1080p 400ppi, which while doesn’t top the HTC DROID DNA, does put it ahead of the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920.

Reports have also been coming in of Samsung continuing with their quad core processor, however just what kind might be in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is anyone’s guess right now. The ARMX8 architecture is not likely to be out for another year, so it is doubtful that Samsung will be able to make use of this in the S4, especially if its coming earlier than expected.

Samsung may push up the GHz in the Samsung Galaxy S4 as there are a lot of handsets in the 1.2GHz range and some even as high as 1.7GHz. Computers of today use 3.0GHz and more than likely Samsung will pull out all the stops with the S4.

There has even been a rumour going around that Samsung will make use of the YOUM flexible screen tech in the S4. If so the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be bezel free and this would have an effect on the size of the device.

Samsung could be moving away from the plastic back and go with a rubber back, which is better for holding. This would be an improvement as many hate the plastic look of the current Samsung Galaxy S3.

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