Samsung Galaxy S4 Insane Specs To Overshadow Rivals, Contracts Need To Be Shortened! [RUMOR]

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There have been rumours flying around that Samsung have been working on their next generation device the Samsung Galaxy S4. The handset has been said to be a major breakthrough in technology.

If the rumours prove to be true then the handset will have one of the best cameras on the market in the shape of 13 megapixels.

It has also been said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have an OLED screen that will use less power, ensuring that the battery will last longer. Samsung revealed their OLED TV at the CES with a display of 55 inches, which will go on the market in the fall with a price tag of $7500.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 meanwhile is thought to be coming out with a display that is OLED but which will measure 4.8 inches. The display may come with in-cell tech and this would make it slimmer and lighter than the current device on the market. There are rumours that the new handset will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, 3GB of RAM and that it will have a battery of 3200mAh. The front camera on the handset could be 1.9 megapixels and this may have certification for Skype.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may be revealed in February at the MWC. Carriers in the US may want to consider offering people shorter contracts with the handset as mobile phone makers seem to be releasing handsets more often. Apple brought out the Apple iPad 4 just 8 months after releasing the Apple iPad 3.

Samsung may have changed the design and said goodbye to the use of plastic, this would of course make the device more durable. They are keeping quiet at the moment about the handset, however it has been suggested that this could be to drum up hype for the device.

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