Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Be Region Blocked, Say It Ain’t So!

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We have been waiting for news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 with great anticipation and it should be a happy time when it arrives. However it may not be if Samsung do what has been rumoured and that is to include a new service to find out if it is a success or not.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to block updates outside of country it was designed to be sold in?

Product-Reviews reports that the new service will allow them to better control the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with updates. This is thought to be a way for Samsung to know how many devices they have sold in different countries.

One of the reasons that this could cause some controversy is due to the fact that Samsung want to stop one country selling the device to another. They could do this by not giving out updates to the device if you are using the Samsung Galaxy S4 outside of the country in which you bought the device. An example of this would be that if you bought your Samsung Galaxy S4 in France and you live in Netherlands, you would not get updates for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

This change may mean that the cost of the Samsung devices would inflate in the future. It also means that some people may have to wait for much longer to get the latest Samsung handset in the country in which they live. Therefore if you reside in the US and you were hoping to get hold of a device that is already on the shelves in the UK you would not get updates.

This means that it could be a serious issue if you were to purchase a second hand Samsung Galaxy S4 in the future too as you would need to clarify that the IMEI number matched the country in which you live. We hope this isn’t true.

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