Samsung Galaxy S4 Too Hot For Its Own Good

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There is one thing that is almost certain and that is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be very popular. This is based on the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold very well since it was released, with around 30 million units having been moved.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may be too popular to incorporate new YOUM technology

There have recently been rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be released in May of next year and some people have said that the device could have flexi-screen technology by way of the YOUM display. So could the Galaxy S4 be released with a flexible display? Unlikely and here is why.

Samsung are said to be planning mass production of the flexible display next year and one of the biggest launches for them will no doubt be S4. However the device is not likely to come with the flexi-screen technology as mass production could be a problem. Samsung made it very clear about the difficulties (and cost) with the mass production of flexible screens, which suggests that they are not that easy to make and unlikely enough to meet with market demand. It is hoped that in the first half of next year this will change but what remains to stand is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may not be the ideal candidate to launch a tech that could face limited production.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will not have a flexible display simple because it is too popular. Another thing to consider is if the public actually want flexible technology given that the S4 is not a niche product by any means. If anything, the flexible display will likely be seen on another Samsung product whose focus will be just about that. This would be a clever way for Samsung to gauge interest of such screen technology as well as meet with demand.

So what do you think? Would you like to see the flexible display on the S4 or any other handset next year?

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