Samsung Galaxy S4 Aligns With 8-Core Chipset Launch

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Some people thought that ARM chips had reached their maximum with 4 cores or 5 if you are talking about Tegra. However at the ISSC conference which will be held in February, Samsung will be revealing their 8 core, which is actually two quad cores of Cortex A15 and Cortex A7 CPU cores, which are known as the big.Little configuration.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may showcase 8-core setup

This makes use of the combination of low power cores such as the Cortex A7 with the Cortex A15 to provide what is a well optimised mobile experience along with a balance when it comes to battery life. The quad core A7 runs at 1.2GHz per core and should offer the performance of the quad core Cortex A8 chip and at the same time is more energy efficient and used for daily tasks that will not require maximum performance.

The A15 quad core cluster with have 1.8GHz per core and L2 cache of 2MB and will come in handy in situations where maximum performance is needed. This relates to playing games and browsing the web in situations where web pages are needed to load fast, such as when connected to LTE.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 running on quad-cores, it would be a natural progression for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to up the ante. Rumors already suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will debut in February at MWC 2013. So in other words an S4 should be ready by then and hence a prototype model would be ideal to showcase the 8-core setup weeks ahead at the ISSC conference. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.


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