Samsung Galaxy S4: Too Big To Fail, Or Fail If Too Big?

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There have been a lot of rumours going around about the Samsung Galaxy S4. This will be the next device to take the place of the very successful Galaxy S3. However some people don’t like the rumoured suggestions of the size of the display that the S4 could have reports Product-Reviews. The display size could be in conflict with what people want out of a phone or tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors hint an even bigger screen!

Rumour has it that that the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen could be around 5 inches and this led to many comments being posted in forums and on blogs about the new size. Some users have said that they would never buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 if it had a display that was 5 inches or above.

Signs have pointed to the handset coming with the Exynos 5250/5450 processor. Last month rumours of some other specs of the handset started appearing online, with many sources saying that the display would likely be 4.8 inches but that it would be edge to edge. So would do you think the ideal size would be for the display of the Samsung Galaxy S4? Is there a point when we have to say enough is enough when it comes to making displays larger?

It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress in February next year on the 25th to the 28th, with a launch date of March of April for the device. So far we’ve seen the popular Galaxy range continue to expand in screen size only (Galaxy S3 from S2, Note 2 from original Note).

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