Samsung Galaxy S4: Forget Specs, Put On A New Dress!

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One of the things that the recent court case between Apple and Samsung has shown us is that Android handsets need to find a look that they can call their own. At the moment handsets are starting to look all the same. Apple has the advantage when it comes to looks of course as they were known to have pioneered the look of the current smartphone with their iPhone, and this means that they have filed patents quickly for each of the innovations they made.

Samsung Galaxy S4 design choices should be as important as hardware ones

This makes us think about the Galaxy S4, which Samsung should be revealing in 2013, along with numerous other devices which may include the Note 3 and Nexus 5 by the Korean manufacturer. Samsung should make sure these handsets have a “trade dress” all of their own. In the past they have got away with having the best hardware under the exterior design, however in the future these achievements could get overshadowed by more lawsuits.

The judge in the court case said that Samsung had infringed on the rights of Apple. This means that in future they will have to change their look or face more legal battles. There are numerous things that they could do. They could use unique casings; have different colours, put decorations on their cases, and much more. This would mean that people would be able to recognise the handsets as belonging to Samsung.  It is thought that in total Samsung copied around 13 patents of Apple; the Samsung Galaxy S3 was even one of the handsets involved.

One of these patents was the most famous of all. This was the #D305 patent, otherwise known as the grid of squares on black, which is seen on the home screen of Apple devices. Samsung could change these to circles to avoid infringement. Microsoft on the other hand chose what they call Metro Tiles for their Windows Phone 8 devices. Samsung needs to take a good hard look at the external design of their handsets, along with the TouchWiz interface. By doing this the Android handset will be able to hold its head high in the world of smartphones.

So Samsung need to reinvent starting with the Samsung Galaxy S4, just as Apple did when they released the original iPhone in 2007. The S3 was a template for many of their devices, including the Note 2, Premier and the recent S3 Mini. If Samsung stick with this then we know that whatever the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like will trickle down to other Galaxy devices in 2013.

There have been rumours going around that Samsung may reveal the Galaxy S4 in February at the MWC in 2013. It is thought that the handset could have a new faster processor, a display of 1080p and 5 inches and new screen tech. let’s just hope that Samsung have dressed it up too.

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