Samsung Galaxy S4: 1080p Screen, Flexible AMOLED Display Possible

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Earlier last month, rumors broke out about the Samsung Galaxy S4. The early speculations pointed to a very early February launch, and that it would boast a 5-inch display, improved quad-core processor and redesigned trade dress.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may sport 1080p screen & flexible display

With the Galaxy S phone coming every year ahead of other Galaxy branded phones like the Note and Nexus, it introduces all the latest technologies Samsung has developed for the year. This time around, we’ve got some more hints as to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 may have to offer.

According to Droid-Life, sources have said that Samsung will have competition for the HTC 1080p device (HTC J Butterfly) in 2013 at MWC. Along with this tidbit, it is thought that the display will come with a pixel density of 400ppi.

HTC have announced the J Butterfly and it comes with a screen of 440ppi and runs on the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and is coupled with 2GB of RAM. If Samsung want to blow this out of the water they will have to bring something superb to the world of smartphones. Of course there is a long time to wait for the MWC and this is in Samsung’s favour and gives them time to come up with something to blow our minds.

In addition to a 1080p screen in 2013, Samsung confirmed that its flexible YOUM display is going into production next year. So we basically have two hints as to what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other top-range Galaxy devices next year (Note, Tab, etc). Are you excited?

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