Samsung Galaxy S4 & Its Overly Attached “Belly Button”

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Samsung have been taking shares away from Apple thanks to the help of their Samsung Galaxy S series of handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came out and the popularity of the Apple iPhone went on the decline at the same time as the S3 grabbed the title of best-seller of 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S4: time to ditch the home button?

The Samsung Galaxy S series of handsets however are not perfect and owners of the devices are hoping that changes will be made when Samsung release the Samsung Galaxy S4. One of these changes is with the physical home button on the handset. Do you think that the device should keep the home button or not?

We might not have to wait for too long to find out if the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with a physical button or not, as the device could be released in May of this year. However it was also rumoured that the handset could be coming out at the MWC next month. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would rather see the home button gone so as to make better use of the features in Android 4.0+. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out and it had a display with very little bezel this would be great.

However there are some who would rather keep the home button as they have said that this is one of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy series.

Google would perhaps like to see the physical buttons gone as they prefer uniformity and Jelly Bean software is their way of using on-screen buttons only.

There have been rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S4 having a display that is bendable and this could provide more than enough room for the software buttons, which could be located at the side of the handset too if need be. This could also hold the volume button and other features. Of course bendable displays could be some time away and may not be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung failed to show their Samsung Galaxy S4 at the CES, but they did offer an Easter Egg in the form of the 4.99-inch 1080p display.

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