Samsung Galaxy S4: 8 Times The Bragging Rights

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 failed to make their appearance at the CES this year, however we did see some of the new technology from the Korean giant, which may be coming to the next generation of Galaxy S handsets this year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors

No one complained about the flexible displays of Samsung possibly making its way to the Samsung Galaxy S4; however their 8 core processor did managed to catch flack. Product-Reviews said that forums have seen comments that include “8 cores on the mobile platform is pure marketing”

Other people have analysed the benefits and they think that an 8 core processor would not score much higher in benchmark tests than what a quad core would, when it came to playing games and computing. Others have talked about the software route and said that Android is hardly multi-threaded, with apps being even less and therefore the 8 cores wouldn’t benefit as much as one would have thought they might.

So what do fans of Samsung and Android want to see on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well one is a more premium design as the plastic body has been heavily criticized. They also want a resolution that is higher, a 1080p display with full HD. This would be more so if rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming with a display of 4.99-inches proves true.

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